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Grab your Hydra shirt and help Captain America defeat them once and for all!

In Captain America: The First Avenger, it’s Captain America vs HYDRA led by brilliant scientist Johann Schmidt.
In 1940 Dr. Abraham Erskine finished his first version of the Super Soldier Serum. He was forced to give it to Schmidt as he was obsessed on becoming a superior man.
As the first version was imperfect, he sustained injuries to his face gaining the nickname ‘ Red Skull ‘ in the process.

Feeling Hydra was far more superior than the Nazi’s, Schmidt’s scientists worked on developing new & improved weapons to overthrow Hitler. Meanwhile Erskine managed to escape & offered to work on a new and improved Super Soldier Serum
for the Americans. While injecting Steve Rogers with the new & improved serum, the Doctor was killed by a German spy. The spy commited suicide but not before destroying the complete stock of Super Soldier Serum & Vita-Ray.

As SS soldiers came to check up on Johann Schmidt’s work, the scientist killed them, feeling HYDRA could not longer be in the Nazi’s shadow. After 107th battalion was captured, including Steve Rogers’ best friend Bucky Barnes, the prisoners were used to work on the HYDRA’s weapons project. Since living conditions were dire, many prisoners passed away. The Americans could no longer ignore the growing threat that was HYDRA.

  • Hydra shirt
  • Looks cool!
  • Made out of cotton
  • Short sleeves
  • Different colors

Be careful, sizes are shown as Asian sizes which are smaller than EU or US sizes

Hydra shirt

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