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Iron Man Red Silicon iPhone Cover




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What better way to protect your precious phone against bumps and bruises than by an Avengers member? Iron Man Red Silicon iPhone cover protects your phone against normal wear and tear!

Howard, Tony Stark’s father, was briliant scientist & ceo of Stark Industries. During World War I he worked on various goverment funded projects including the Captain America project. He provided Steve Rogers with both the costume & shield.

Tony is every bit the genius, just like his father was, unfortunately more often than not, his ego stands in the way. Later when working together with Captain America & The Avengers this proved to be a problem as well.

Steve Rogers: Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?
Tony Stark: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
—– The Avengers (2012)

After a horrific car accident both Tony’s parents are tragically killed, leaving Stark Industries in the hands of Tony Stark & Obediah Stane. Obediah was a friend and business partner of Howard Stark.

The Ten Rings captured Tony Stark during a presentation of the Jericho missile in Afghanistan. During his captivity he meets fellow prisoner Ho Yinsen. Shrapnel during the ambush causes Tony to sustain life threatening injuries. Yinsen saves his life by implanting an electromagnet into his chest. The electromagnet kept the shrapnel from going to his heart and killing him.

The terrorist group want Tony to build a Jericho missile in exchange for his freedom. Knowing they are unlikely to keep their word, Tony & Yinsen work together on building an Arc Reactor and an improvised armor suit. The Arc Reactor provides power to Tony’s electromagnet and suit. Before the suit is finished, the Ten Rings discover what they are doing and Ho Yinsen sacrifices himself so Tony is able to escape with the Arc Reactor. Later the Jericho missile is used in an attack on Yensen’s home village so Tony decides to create a new and improved version of his armor suit to avenge his friend’s death.

  • Iron Man Red Silicon iPhone Cover
  • Protect your precious iPhone against bumps and bruises
  • Looks awesome
  • Made out of silicone
  • Available for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus

Iron Man Red Silicon iPhone cover

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